Revanced App : Continuing the Legacy of Vanced

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Welcome, everyone, to our official website! Have you heard about YouTube ReVanced? If not, don’t worry; we’ll introduce you to it, and you’ve come to the right place. YouTube ReVanced is perfect for users who enjoy watching YouTube videos, listening to songs, and watching movies, among other things. The best part is that you can watch videos without annoying ads, and it consumes less internet data.

It serves as an excellent alternative to the primary YouTube app, much like YouTube Vanced. You can download ReVanced as a secondary YouTube app on your Android device without needing to delete the original version. This way, if the new ReVanced app has any bugs or issues, users can easily switch back to the old version while it gets fixed.

So, if you’re someone who loves YouTube and wants a more seamless and ad-free experience, YouTube ReVanced is the perfect choice for you. Explore all the features and benefits it offers right here on our website!

What is ReVanced APK?

YouTube ReVanced is essentially a modified version of the official YouTube app that is developed by the team, offering users additional features that are typically available only to those who have a premium subscription. Before ReVanced, the Vanced app was widely regarded as the best modded version of YouTube. However, Vanced encountered some issues with server bans, prompting developers to put in significant effort and create a new and improved version called ReVanced. This new mod boasts even more power and capabilities compared to its predecessor.

If you haven’t tried ReVanced yet, I highly recommend giving it a shot. Trust me; you’ll fall in love with its remarkable features. Some of the highlights include background playback, an ad-free experience, SponsorBlock functionality, and much more. Let’s delve into these features further below.

Highlighted Features of ReVanced APK

Background Playback

With YouTube ReVanced, you can continue playing audio from a video even after you close the app or lock your screen, which you can’t find on official YouTube. This feature is very useful for people who love to listen to music and podcasts. Just play the song and lock your screen – it saves both your battery and data.

Picture-in-Picture Mode

The “Picture in Picture” mode feature allows you to continue watching a video in a small window while using other apps on your device. This is considered one of the best features, as it lets you view the video without having to leave it, even if you receive a message or notification that you want to check.

Download Videos

As we all know, the official YouTube does not allow us to download videos from its platform, so we usually have to resort to using a third-party application to download YouTube videos. However, with YouTube ReVanced, you can download YouTube videos in just one click. Please note that to download videos in the highest quality, you need to download the NewPipe apk.

Disable Suggestions

With the help of the “Disable suggestions” option, you can turn off video suggestions on the home screen and in the recommended videos section. This allows you to watch the videos you want without getting distracted by other content that may be suggested to you.

Override Video Resolution

Certainly! With this particular feature in YouTube ReVanced, you have the ability to override the default video resolution set by the video’s creator. In the standard YouTube app, the video quality is determined by the uploader and may vary based on their settings. However, with YouTube ReVanced, you can take control and choose to play videos at a specific resolution of your preference, even if the original video was uploaded in a lower quality.

Swipe Controls

With YouTube ReVanced, you have the convenience of using swipe gestures to control the brightness and volume while watching a video. Instead of manually adjusting your phone’s volume, you can now swipe up or down on either side of the screen to change the brightness or volume of the video you are currently watching.
This intuitive feature eliminates the need for on-screen clickable icons for adjusting brightness and volume, thus providing more screen space for an uninterrupted viewing experience. By simply swiping on the sides of the screen, you can effortlessly control these aspects of the video playback, making it a seamless and user-friendly way to manage your viewing preferences without any distractions.

Remove Full-Screen Panels

With this feature, you can disable the video description and comments panel when watching a video in fullscreen view. This option is especially useful for users who prefer a distraction-free viewing experience. By disabling these panels, you can enjoy the content without any additional features or settings popping up during the video. As a result, you get uninterrupted and immersive streaming, allowing you to focus solely on the video without any distractions from surrounding elements. 

Disable Shorts Button

YouTube shorts can be enjoyable to watch, but they can also become time-consuming, and some creators may produce low-quality content since making shorts videos is relatively easier compared to longer YouTube videos. To address this concern and help users save both time and data, YouTube ReVanced developers have included a feature to optimize the viewing experience. By using this feature, you can efficiently manage your time and data usage, ensuring you get the most out of your video-watching sessions without compromising on content quality.

Supports MicroG

This is one of the most significant features of ReVanced. Just like in the Vanced app, MicroG is necessary to log in with your YouTube account. However, in ReVanced, MicroG is compulsory, and without it, the app won’t function on your device. Logging in with your YouTube account not only allows you to access your account and subscriptions but also helps you stay connected to your favorite creators. All your data, including subscriptions, watch history, and recommendations, automatically syncs with ReVanced, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience while using the app.


In the current scenario, creators are striving to maximize their earnings on the platform. Often, we encounter annoying ads at the beginning of YouTube videos, and on top of that, creators also integrate sponsored clips from companies into their videos, making the viewing experience even more bothersome.
However, the ReVanced app offers a solution to this issue. It automatically skips the sponsor clips within videos, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable viewing experience. This feature is exclusive to ReVanced and is not available even for premium members of YouTube. By using ReVanced, you can avoid the interruptions caused by sponsor clips, allowing you to focus on the content you love without any unwanted disruptions or distractions.

Ad Free Experience

Indeed, one of the most fantastic features of YouTube ReVanced is its ability to block all types of ads on the app, such as banner ads, video ads, and sponsored content. This ad-free experience is truly remarkable and enhances the overall user experience.
However, I can’t deny that there’s one aspect that can be a bit frustrating—the occasional presence of unskippable video ads. It can be quite annoying when you’re forced to watch these ads before your video continues playing. Moreover, in critical situations where you might need emergency information from a video, it becomes even more inconvenient when YouTube decides to surprise you with three unrelated ads, taking away valuable time and focus from your search.

Download Details of Revanced Application

NameRevanced Apk
Size94.2 MB
Mod FeatureBackground Play
VersionLatest Version

Frequently Asked Questions

No, ReVanced APK is only available for Android devices. It is not compatible with iOS devices.

No, ReVanced APK can be installed and used on both rooted and non-rooted Android devices.

No, since Vanced APK is a separate application, you will not receive updates directly from the official YouTube app. However, the ReVanced APK community regularly releases updates to ensure compatibility and add new features.

Yes, ReVanced APK allows you to sign in to your YouTube account and access your subscriptions, playlists, and personalized recommendations.


ReVanced APK is an excellent choice for Android users who want to enhance their YouTube experience. With its ad-free viewing, background playback, picture-in-picture mode, and dark mode, ReVanced APK offers a range of features that elevate the way you watch videos on your Android device. Just remember to download ReVanced APK from trusted sources and follow the installation instructions to ensure a smooth experience. If you have any other related to this app then you can contact us by our contact us page our team will resolve your problem shortly.